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Unlike domestic logistics, import/export operations for overseas/overseas countries involve complicated operations. It is a highly specialized work such as various documents and systems that differ depending on the country. Mirai Bazar with English and  Japanese staff, who are familiar with local systems and circumstances, are assigned to major countries in the world to realize thorough import and export operations.

Import and Export products

Products from the U.S. and Japan

We help manufactures and companies get your product into the Japanese market.

Import to

Let us help with customs and getting your products into Japan with ease.


Become a partner with Japanese companies. We aim to help bridge the gap between countries and language barriers.

Export from

 We can help export products through our big list of the top manufacturers and distributors and help the communication flow through our English translators.

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Product translations

Want to sell your products into the Japanese market but need your products translated? Our marketing specialists can help!

Japan Market

Japan is the number 3 in the world in e-commerce. There are more than 126 million active shoppers. Let us get your products and services in Japan.